2020 Fall Soccer Letter, COVID 19 Guidelines & Waiver

Registration closes August 31, 2020

UpdatedSunday October 25, 2020 byManager NCTRSL.

Hello Northwest Connecticut Recreation Soccer League Families!

We hope you are doing well and enjoying the nice weather.  Our soccer league committee has been wrestling with the challenges COVID 19 presents us all and working hard to navigate a way to safely provide the opportunity for our six communities to play soccer this fall.   

Given the current virus data in our part of the state, we have decided to move forward cautiously with a 2020 soccer season this fall.  Our plan is to delay the start of actual game play until September 19, 2020.  This will give our towns time to get teams organized and begin practices in a thoughtful and safe way.  It will also give time for the students to return to school and to acclimate themselves to the virus mitigation protocols before we begin actual game play.  We will need to set some guidelines for this season and we all need to work together to ensure that we can keep everyone healthy and safe while enjoying the beautiful game of soccer. 

We are providing your child the opportunity to play soccer but need to be clear that the decision for children to participate with all the risks involved is solely the parents/guardians to make.  We have attached a waiver that will need to be signed and returned to your child’s coach before they may begin participating in soccer activities.

We have attached the guidelines that we will follow for the season. We are going by CDC recommendations, USA soccer guidelines, Connecticut Junior Soccer Association guidelines, the state of Connecticut COVID 19 recommendations and just some plain old common sense.

Registration and payment

As most of you know, we modified our registration process this summer so that parents can go into our website and register their children for the appropriate level of soccer for the Fall season. We instructed everyone that when you reached the end of the on-line registration process and the website asked for a payment method, that everyone select "Pay by Check."  This allowed everyone to register without any payment.   Many of you have done this and registered your children for the 2020 fall season.   Thank you for your cooperation and trust.  

Registration closes on August 31, 2020.   At this time, we need to ask everyone who registered to log back into the website and pay your balance.  You can do this with a credit or debit card or you can mail a registration check to our P.O. Box if you prefer.  

PO Box 299 Pleasant Valley, CT 06063

If you have not yet registered your child and would like them to participate in soccer this fall, you are welcome to do so.  Please go in and register your child on the website by August 31, 2020.  

Also, if you have registered and are for any reason uncomfortable with your child playing soccer this fall, you are under no obligation to have them participate or to pay the registration fee.  We do ask that you please let us know if you are opting not to have your child play so we can account for that as we go forward with plans and create teams.

 Registration Link: Visit the league website: www.nctrsl.com

Volunteers run the league so your help is always welcome! 

We have many responsibilities, opportunities, tasks and jobs that need to get done for the kids to enjoy the season.  Please consider volunteering a bit of your time, be it a few hours or duty/task related.  Please contact us at your town's email listed above if you are interested.   A few examples are:

    • Running the K-league
    • Coaching
    • Lining fields
    • Inventory (shed, balls, equipment, etc.)
    • Finding and recruiting sponsors
    • Coordination of a food tables for opening day
    • Team Parents, organize treats, half-time beverages, etc.

We will do everything within our ability to provide our kids with a safe opportunity to play soccer.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.  Looking forward to a great Fall 2020 soccer season!

Thank you,

Mike Stapleton and Carm D’urso

NCTRSL 2020 Fall letter